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August 4, 2020


Three explosions occurred at the Port of Beirut, Lebanon resulting in 200 fatalities, 6000 casualties, 300,000 of Beirut’s residents lost their homes, and a large swath of the city substantially damaged including hospitals.

This comes when Lebanon is suffering financial, social, and economic crises, unprecedented in scope. As if that were not already enough, hospitals are already under immense pressure because of the coronavirus crisis, at a time when public finances are drying up.. Our support and help will go to the health care sector, and specifically to "HOPITAL DES SOEURS DU ROSAIRE" critically damaged, and play a significant role in supporting the patients. This hospital is directly located opposite to the Port of Beirut, less than 500 meters from where the explosion occurred, the devastation was critically severe that healthcare is no longer functional in all its medical department and administrative units. The hospital lost nurses and had many wounded staff. 

How your donation helps


The needs are immense and urgent.

It is not just about finding survivors in the rubble and providing the wounded with medical care, an area where the Lebanese Red Cross, and its volunteers play a key role.

It is also about the affected hospital "HOPITAL DES SOEURS DU ROSAIRE" who need to be functional again to serve its community and restore its 200 patients beds.  

Donate today

Beneficiary Name:           Helvetia Fair Health Association (Switzerland) 

Postal account:                15-546224-8

IBAN:                                   CH75 0900 0000 1554 6224 8 

SWIFT:                                 POFICHBEXXX

Beneficiary Bank:                PostFinance Ltd

Bank Address:                     Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern, Switzerland 

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