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MARCH 9, 2023

After the explosion in the port of Beirut August 4, 2020, Helvetia Fair Health Association had been asked again for help. 

Material and medicine are either hardly available or no longer affordable. In addition, more and more employees (doctors, nurses, technical staff, administrative staff) are leaving the country because they can no longer support their families from their wages.

Those left behind suffer all the more. With the help for a selected hospital we want to make a start.

We are collecting money (from private individuals, foundations, companies, etc.) and unused but valuable material from hospitals and other health care facilities, check it for completeness, functionality and expiration date and send it by sea as emergency aid directly to the Rosary Sisters Hospital in Beirut. 

We ask each and everyone of you to help us in this humanitarian mission and to donate as little as CHF 50.00 using the below link:


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